King Keraun Harris’ First Colonic at Vitality Flow

What is it Like to Get Your First Colonic? (And Can a Colonic be Funny?)


I recently appeared in an episode of Amazon’s show That White People when comedian King Keraun Harris came to Vitality Flow’s Santa Monica offices to find out what colon hydrotherapy was all about!

Watch King Keraun get his first colonic! This segment was in Episode 3, as Keraun investigates wellness with good humor. If you want to skip ahead to my segment, it starts at 6:12. (Links open in new tab.)

 King Keraun Harris' first colonic with Cindy at Vitality Flow
Cindy with King Keraun Harris and friend at the Vitality Flow office

Like King Keraun, you might be curious about colonic cleanses, their benefits, and what happens in hydrotherapy. Check out our FAQ to get your questions answered!


King Keuran gets his first colonic at the Vitality Flow Santa Monica office
King Keuran gets his first colonic at Vitality Flow
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