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We are proud to partner with companies whose products will help you rejuvenate and maintain your health. Our cleanse and nutrition products contain the highest-quality ingredients, and are proven to get real results.

While they can enhance the benefits of colon hydrotherapy, some clients prefer to do these programs on their own, without colon hydrotherapy. Both approaches have merit.

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Purium Nutritional Superfoods

If you are looking for a long-term lifestyle change, the 90-Day Purium Ultimate Lifestyle Program is a game changer. Properly cleansing and nourishing your body elevates your health and joy. 

Most people are not achieving their best health because of toxin build-up and nutrient deficiency. The 90-Day Purium Ultimate Lifestyle Program addresses parasites, nutrient deficiency, glyphosate pesticide detox, and absorption issues, while providing radical nutrition that is easily absorbed.

To find out more about Purium's Transformational Superfoods, download the guide below!

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ZenCleanz Herbal Cleanse Products

Herbal cleanse products, juice cleanses and detox programs, such as the ZenCleanz One (Intestinal Cleanse) or Rainbow 7-Day Detox (Intestinal & Liver Flush), can be used to free up energy in the body that would ordinarily be spent on digesting heavier foods for healing and repairing the body.

To find out more about our ZenCleanz Intestinal & Liver Cleanses, download one of the guides below!