What Clients Say

What Clients Say About Vitality Flow's Gentle, Revitalizing Colonics

Tummy is Flat Again

Cindy! I don’t even know what to say… I lost 4 pounds! I feel like a different person. My tummy is flat again (after 7 months). I honestly cannot believe it. I feel so, so, so, so much better. I am now DYING to come back on Friday. This was life changing. You are truly wonderful.


I Learnt So Much About Colon Health

Would highly recommend this place if you’re looking for a colon hydrotherapist that knows what they’re doing. You can tell she practices what she preaches. I learnt so much from her about colon health and other health practices in the short amount of time that we had together.

Saphira T.

Trust Her Fully

Cindy has helped me to clear toxicity from my body with her colonic services and she has worked with me to clear my heart and mind through her Reiki healing energy work. I trust her fully to work at those levels and recommend her to help you in your transitions and healing.

Lisa T.

Cindy Will Help You Along Your Path of Wellness

Cindy is one of a kind–her knowledge and experience, her energy and her practice truly set her apart. I’ve been seeing Cindy for years for colonics (even traveling to Los Angeles every so many months after moving to San Francisco) and her treatments have helped bring me to a healthier plateau physically as well as emotionally.

Her office is clean and comfortable, inviting and relaxing. I’ve referred friends and cannot recommend her (and colonics!) enough. Whether a newcomer to colon hydrotherapy or one who has already experienced its benefits, Cindy will definitely help you along your path of wellness.

Tricia A.

After a Cleanse You Feel Rejuvenated

Cindy at Vitality Flow is knowledgeable in multiple capacities. Along with making what could be an awkward cleanse comfortable, she provides a wealth of knowledge and resources. She is kind, open and creates a relaxing environment. Her studio is clean, convenient, private, and calming. After a cleanse, you feel rejuvenated and you glow. Multiple cleanses definitely improve focus, calm, and regularity. I will return for sure.

Peggy O.

An Exceptional Holistic Health Practitioner

Cindy is an exceptional Holistic Health Practitioner. She is so professional, caring, and sincere and I am so grateful to have found her. She has helped me so much throughout my healing journey, where she understands the mind, body and spirit aspect of wellness. She is so present with me during each session, is such a great listener, and is so supportive of me in every aspect of my life. Her sessions are excellent, and I leave feeling so light, cleansed, and vibrant. I highly recommend Cindy for anyone looking to increase their vitality and feel better in every aspect of their health.

Simone P.

Cindy Makes You Feel Comfortable, Relaxed and Informed

Would absolutely recommend! First time colonic, was nervous just about discomfort but had none! I asked Cindy how to prep and by following her tips I avoided any discomfort at all, literally felt nothing uncomfortable. The facilities are completely clean and cute, in the waiting area you can see to a fountain outside that helped to relax. So enjoyed meeting Cindy, she has an amazing personality, makes you feel totally comfortable, relaxed and informed. She explained everything thoroughly about the machine and the process. She provided additional tips for after care and I can’t say enough good things about this place. Highly recommend!

Ashley J

I Will Definitely Be Going Back

Getting a colonic is definitely not a glamorous thing at all, let’s start off with that. However, Cindy is definitely the best person I could imagine to go through that experience with. She has a calming energy about her and is extremely patient. She really cares about you enjoying the experience as much as possible and educates you along the way. She was even available throughout the week after I had my colonic for any questions I had. I felt so amazing after doing my first colonic and I went back for my second less than a week later. I never thought I could cut out coffee but I was able to! My energy levels are up, I feel lighter, and my overall attitude is just better. I will definitely be going back to her again many more times. If you’re nervous, don’t be! Just make the appointment and you’ll be SO happy you did!!

Meredith S.

Made Me Feel at Ease, Very Comfortable

Look no further! I came to Cindy based solely on all her rave reviews, and now I’m joining the club! Cindy is a beautiful, bright, beaming soul. She made me feel at ease and very comfortable the entire time. I feel great and look forward to seeing her again! She is also a Reiki Master and Hypnotherapist. I definitely recommend her services and will be back!

Sierra M.

Professional, Kind and Generous

Ok…so colon hydrotherapy isn’t the most glamorous topic to review about but my experience was really (dare I say) great! Cindy was professional, kind and generous with her time. She eased my stress and discomfort immediately. I highly recommend Cindy!!

Michelle F.

Part of My Regular Health Regimen

Friends and family made me aware of the benefits of colon hydrotherapy. After my first sessions back in 2015, people universally told me I looked younger, more vibrant. I did not see it so much myself, but I did feel better. I think the key for me is that all practitioners are not the same. Cindy Fulsom understands the nuances of this treatment method and makes it easy on a first timer. I just started my next round, and will make this part of my regular health regimen.

Keshav K.

First-Time Colonic, So at Ease. I Feel Amazing

Cindy is remarkable. Like anyone going in for a first-time colonic, I had my doubts and nerves about the whole process. But Cindy is just the nicest, warmest, kindest person. She walks you through the whole process beforehand. And then throughout… I’ve never been so at ease even in day to day life, let alone while having a colonic. In some ways, it was like a guided meditation–lots of focus on breath and overall awareness of the body. It was great!

And afterward, holy cow! It was like my abdomen was glowing. And a few days after I still feel amazing. Cannot recommend Cindy enough. If you’ve got even the slightest sliver of openness to this procedure, honor it and visit Cindy!

Sam C

Highly Recommend Cindy’s Colon Hydrotherapy

Seeing Cindy Fulsom for colon hydrotherapy is a real treat. I have received a few sessions from Cindy and even just after the first session I felt lighter and I could actually feel the toxins leaving my body! I could feel my organs functioning better after this wonderful cleansing treatment. And there is no need to be nervous, Cindy is very professional and I always feel relaxed during the session. I highly recommend Cindy’s colon hydrotherapy!

Courtney S.

Understands What You Need to be Comfortable

Look, let’s be honest, this is a poopy business! But you are in very good, gentle hands with this professional. She understands what you need to be comfortable.

Glenn F.

Every Visit is a Great Experience

I love how Cindy handles the whole process, stress free, GREAT conversations during the treatment, sooo friendly, nice, and always bright. A few months ago, my husband wanted to try colonics, and he is now hooked as well. Cindy listens to both our concerns, is a very accommodating, extremely caring soul. She’s very knowledgeable in different healing modalities which are complimentary. Every visit to her office is a great experience.
We trust Cindy in that we feel extremely confident in her approach/treatments as she gives us full attention.
Much love.

Sisi D.

Highly Recommend Cindy

Cindy is amazing! I have had issues for 43 years and she was able to clear me right out. Not only is she professional, she is also personable and just a great spirit. I HIGHLY recommend Cindy without a doubt. She has a client for life. 🙂

Clara B.

A True Healer

I NEVER write reviews but going to see Cindy regularly was a life changer. Her gentle touch and knowledge helped me feeling I was in good hands and I always leave SO much lighter and clear headed and improved my digestion flow tremendously. Not only that but I have been able to ride some major emotional waves which I didn’t expect at first.

I am BEYOND grateful to have found her. A true healer and exceptional human being which makes her practice a very special place.

Nastassia B.