Is it True that a Colonic Can Help Me Lose Weight?

It Depends on the Type of Weight Loss

A little while ago I blogged about Rafael, a client who lost weight and got back energy and motivation to exercise after 5 colonics. Since then I’ve been asked about colonics and weight loss, so I thought it would be a good idea to elaborate.

If you are asking about the weight of the excess waste material in the colon, then yes, sometimes people lose anywhere from a few ounces to a couple of pounds in one session. That loss is coming from stool though and not fat, which is what most people are interested in losing.

Coming Up with a Healthy Weight Loss Strategy

If it is fat weight loss you are interested in, that is a different matter. I usually will ask about the cause of the gain: Was it sudden? Have you had it for many years? Have you talked about it with your doctor? What are you eating? Do you have any chronic health issues? Have you kept extra pounds since giving birth?

I’ll also ask about any possible environmental toxin exposure, and things like emotional stress eating.

Once I have more information about your unique situation, we can come up with a strategy. That might involve some colon hydrotherapy sessions along with learning how to make healthy adjustments to your daily nutrition. I am interested in helping you build a healthy relationship with the foods you are putting into your body, and make lifestyle changes that will get your weight in a healthy place for the long term.

series of colon hydrotherapy sessions can be a great kick-start to any healthy lifestyle change. Feeling lighter around the tummy and having more energy are great catalysts to motivate exercise and healthy eating.

If you have any questions, check out our FAQ, or get in touch with hydrotherapist Cindy Fulsom.

Cindy Fulsom

About Cindy Fulsom

Cindy Fulsom, CNC, I-ACT, certified colon hydrotherapist and nutritionist, has spent over 20 years in the holistic healing field, and has given colonics to hundreds of men and women in the Los Angeles area. She avidly follows advances and breakthroughs in both conventional and alternative health modalities, and researching products and services to keep her practice alive and evolving.

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