Colonics vs. Coffee Enemas on the Spirit, Purpose & Energy Podcast

A few weeks ago I had a great time talking about colonics and colon hydrotherapy with JJ Flizanes on her podcast, Spirit, Purpose & Energy, so I was thrilled when she invited me back again, this time to discuss the difference between colonics and coffee enemas.

In this podcast JJ and I talk about what we’ve read and experienced first-hand with coffee enemas. (Link opens in new tab.)

You’ll hear me cover:

  • The pros and cons of coffee enemas
  • The benefits of coffee enemas
  • Who should not do a coffee enema
  • How long a coffee enema takes
  • What to have after a coffee enema
  • The best type of coffee to use
  • How long to hold the enema
  • The nuts and bolts of a coffee enema
  • Whether to use an enema bucket or bag
  • Will you have a bowel movement after a coffee enema?
  • Concerns about coffee enemas

I also discuss:

  • Simple things you can do to cleanse on a budget
  • Detoxing and emotions
  • How mold in your home may effect your digestion
  • Whether you should have a colonic even if you can’t change your diet
  • Chewing, gas and bloating
  • Importance of hydration

Interested in knowing where to get coffee enema supplies? Here are the links to the sources I share in the podcast:

Listen below or at the Spirit, Purpose & Energy podcast website (opens in a new tab.)

Promotional image of JJ Flizanes for Cindy Fulsom's feature on coffee enemas


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