The Magic, Wisdom & Common Sense of Spices

Spices have been used in the artistry of cooking around the globe for centuries. Family seasoning secrets and traditions have been passed down throughout the ages.  Spices add flavor and dimension to dishes.

It is interesting to note that in some of the North American cuisine and commercially prepared foods, there seems to be a lack of creativity and use of spices.  I notice this particularly when I dine out at a restaurant and a lot of the dishes are flavored with salt and butter and/or oil and not much else.

Herbs & Spices as Nutrition

As a person interested in holistic health, I have noticed that our consumption of herbs as nutritional supplements is ever increasing. We have the option of ingesting garlic or turmeric as a supplemental capsule, or we can cook with it. Being a food lover myself, I find it much more enjoyable and rewarding to have a meal robust with savory spices than to guzzle down a bunch of supplements with a big glass of water. That said, there is definitely an appropriate time and place for supplements.

Recently someone shared with me that some of the Indian spices are used to neutralize the harmfulness of pesticide residue on food. And that many of the spices are good for the health of the brain. Fascinating!

Being a food lover myself, I find it much more enjoyable and rewarding to have a meal robust with savory spices than to guzzle down a bunch of supplements with a big glass of water.

Spices Can Help Digestion

Another fantastic benefit of spices is that they get your saliva flowing. This can happen not only by physically tasting the seasonings but even by thinking about a certain taste/spice. Have you ever thought about a favorite delicious  food/flavor and noticed that you started salivating? Saliva is essential to the digestive process. Your saliva contains the important digestive enzymes amylase and ptalyn which mix with your food as you chew.  Before you even swallow, these enzymes start to break starches down into simpler sugars for complete digestion.

Many people are not chewing their food these days due to stress and habitual patterns; this reduces optimal digestion significantly. I always notice that when I get a chiropractic adjustment it also gets my saliva flowing. This happens because the nerves that govern saliva secretion pass through the cervical vertebrae in your neck. If the neck muscles are tight and the nerve supply to the salivary glands is restricted in any way, this may have an impact on your digestion.

Many of the people that come to see me for colon hydrotherapy do so because they constantly feel bloated and gassy. One of the first things I ask them about is if they are a slow or fast eater. A lot of these bloated folks say they eat fast, usually because of a demanding work/life schedule. If you take time to really chew, savor and enjoy the eating process your digestive system will respond in kind.

You will get the most zest and burst of flavor by grinding your own spices with a stone mortar and pestle. Some of my favorite fresh ground spices are cumin, cinnamon, oregano, black peppercorns and fresh garlic.

Why not add some spice to your life today?!


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