Cindy Talks About the Benefits of Colonics with the Spirit, Purpose & Energy Podcast

I had the wonderful opportunity to enjoy talking about the benefits of colonics and colon hydrotherapy with JJ Flizanes on her podcast, Spirit, Purpose & Energy.

Come and have a listen! I’m talking about what colon hydrotherapy is, its benefits, what to expect when you get a colonic, and why to get one.

You’ll also find out about:

  • How many sessions you might need
  • How mold in your home may effect your digestion
  • Whether you should a colonic even you can’t change your diet
  • Chewing and gas and bloating
  • Hydration

I also share a story about a difficult case I once had, with a great ending!

Listen below or visit the Spirit, Purpose & Energy podcast website (opens in a new tab.)

If you or someone you know is “full of it,” I can help!!

Cindy Fulsom talking about the benefits of colonics on podcast,


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Cindy Fulsom

About Cindy Fulsom

Cindy Fulsom, CNC, I-ACT, certified colon hydrotherapist and nutritionist, has spent over 20 years in the holistic healing field, and has given colonics to hundreds of men and women in the Los Angeles area. She avidly follows advances and breakthroughs in both conventional and alternative health modalities, and researching products and services to keep her practice alive and evolving.

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