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Skin Care - a multifaceted approach  (Colonics)

The Skin - Liver Connection
The story of beautiful skin begins deep in your liver.  When the liver is being nourished and working well, the skin will be lustrous and healthy.  

There are many ways you can transform your skin through nutrition. Celery Juice is one of the most amazing healers of the skin. People are healing rosacea, acne, eczema and psoriasis by drinking celery juice and making simple dietary changes.
Choose Non Toxic Skin Care Products
Many of the ingredients in skin care products are toxic. Choose non toxic skin care.
Skin Care Consultations
I offer consultations to help you with an inside-out approach to healing and caring for your skin. Call me  at (310) 387-0075 for more information.

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Your skin needs water. Most people are chronically dehydrated. Adding lemon to your water can help it absorb into your cells.
Colonics & the Skin 
Colonics help your skin by hydrating your body and lessening the toxic load in your body.