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Colon Hydrotherapy (Colonics) FAQ

What type of equipment is used for the colon hydrotherapy session?

I use the Hydro-San Colon Therapy System.  It is a "closed" Colon Hydrotherapy system, meaning there is no exposure of waste material to the air. The waste material travels through a hose and travels directly into the sewage system.  The water used is carbon and UV filtered. The instrument warms the water up to body temperature for a comfortable experience. We can also control the pressure of the water going into the body, I use a very gentle pressure.
Are the materials used sanitary?

Yes.  We use disposable Colon Hydrotherapy speculums and tubing. Each prepackage kit is used once and then disposed of.

Does it hurt?

No.  At times it may feel like you need to have a bowel movement or like pressure building up and then being released. If you have  a lot of gas, there might be some slight cramping. I do some light lymphatic abdominal massage and some acupressure points to facilitate the process and make it more comfortable for you.

Is it embarrassing?

Not at all. During the session you are lying on your back or side and you are fully covered with a gown and towel. It is normal to feel nervous the first time you come. Clients often comment after their first Colon Hydrotherapy session that they are surprised at how much easier and more comfortable it was than they had imagined.

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What do I need to do to prepare for my Colon Hydrotherapy session?

1.  HYDRATE - In the days leading up to your Colon Hydrotherapy session drink a good amount of water (6-8 cups per day).  The more hydrated you are, the more waste your body will be able to release.

2.  AVOID GAS PRODUCING FOODS - The day before your session avoid white wine, sugar, carbonated drinks, broccoli and any other foods that give you gas.  The less gas you have, the more comfortable your session will be.

3.  DON'T EAT OR DRINK 2 HOURS BEFORE YOUR APPOINTMENT - If you are thirsty, a bit of water is okay.

4.  INCREASE FRUIT & VEGETABLE INTAKE - in the week prior to your Colon Hydrotherapy session.

What should I do after a Colon Hydrotherapy session?

1. AVOID ALCOHOL AND SPICY FOODS - the day of your session.

2. DRINK A GOOD AMOUNT OF WATER - to continue to facilitate the removal of toxins.

3. EAT SOMETHING HEALTHY - My personal favorite after a Colon Hydrotherapy session is steamed white rice and veggies with a bit of salmon or black beans.  Go with your instincts, if you feel more like a juice or smoothie, go for it!

How long does it take?

Give yourself one hour from start to finish. The Colon Hydrotherapy session lasts 30-45 minutes. You will spend some time in the restroom afterwards.

Who should not get Colon Hydrotherapy (Contraindications)?

Those with the following conditions cannot receive Colon Hydrotherapy. If you are not sure if you are able to receive colon hydrotherapy, please consult  your medical doctor. If you need a referral for a medical doctor familiar with Colon Hydrotherapy, let me know I have referrals.

Severe Cardiac Disease, Carcinoma of the Colon, Aneurysm, Severe Anemia, Recent Colon Surgery, Cirrhosis. Fissures, Pregnancy,
Abdominal Hernia, Severe Hemorrhoids, Congestive Heart Failure, Fistulas, GI Hemorrhage / Perforation, Renal Insufficiency